A  shell of G. trilobus, or T. saculifer non-sack like chamber, note the presence of spines which would have covered the shell in life.


Photo: B Metcalfe

A  shell of G. truncatulinoides the species grows pustules on their shells that can cover the porous glassy chambers.


Photo: B Metcalfe

A  shell of N. dutertrei the species is a subtropical to tropical species of the Neogloboquadrina genera.


Photo: B Metcalfe

Students supervised from either the Vrije Universiteit  Amsterdam (VUA) or  Amsterdam University College (AUC). Where, AUC is a joint initiative of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, UVA, and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Note: *Master students produce a MSc report in their first year and a thesis in their second year. **Capstone is the name given by some University or University Colleges, for all intents and purposes it is equivalent to a BSc thesis



Masters Thesis / Report*


Betting Kroese, Modelling the growth season of surface dwelling planktic foraminifera using oxygen isotopes. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift




Hilde Pracht, How is the sea surface temperature (SST) through time recorded within in the shell δ18O of planktonic foraminifera, using oxygen isotopes (δ18Oshell)? Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift

Published, doi:10/5194/bg-2018-146




Danny van Loon, Stable isotopes of planktonic foraminifera from pump samples collected from the Indian Ocean, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift




Esmee Geerken, Buoyancy mechanisms of Orbulina universa: Can fossil planktic foraminifer shells provide a key to understanding past ocean densities? Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift




Sylvia Buur, Seasonal shell weight changes from a sediment trap off Cape Blanc NW Africa, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift






Bachelor Thesis / Capstone Project**




Sophie Sax, Stable Oxygen Isotopes of Multiple Foraminifera Species during Heinrich Events 1, 2, and 4, Amsterdam University College Capstone




Jorrit van der Schot, Mapping out the oxygen isotope distributions of planktonic foraminifera during Heinrich event 4, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift




Elko Langhout, Variance in shell morphology of Orbulina universa as a water mass indicator, Amsterdam University College Capstone




Meike de Vringer-Picon, Assessing the impact of size upon the stable isotope composition of Globorotalia inflata in the northeast Atlantic: Implications for Palaeoenvironmental reconstructions, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Proefschrift

Published, doi:10.5194/bgd-12-135-2015











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