Climate Science Past and Present

Course: 90386SCI

Sampling the sea floor

The percentage of calcium carbonate in the surface sediments - purples and blues represent low values of carbonate, whereas red is high. It is possible without knowing the absolute numbers to discern features and to understand their cause.

Palaeoceanography is the study of the past changes of the ocean and it's interaction with the climate system.



Beyond those curious, Scientific dredging is largely a by-product of Naval depth soundings (or soundings for short), necessary for determining

but knowledge of the seafloor composition was important for anchorage


and cable


There is the background sedimentation of cosmogenic particles, or fine grained interplanetary dust particles (IDP) (Murray 1876; Farley, 2001)


Red clay

Redrawn (Metcalfe, 2013) from Sverdrup (1942).